Partners and Projects

I often work on larger project teams driven by experiential graphic design firms, UX consultants or research groups. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with: Citizen Research & Design, New York Dyal & Partners, Austin fd2s, Austin Holmes Wood, London Infinite Scale, Salt Lake City Kate Keating Associates, San Francisco Revel Insight, Austin RubensteinTech, New... Continue Reading →

Digital Donor Recognition 2010 (in progress)

I am currently collaborating with Dyal and Partners on a strategy and concept for digital donor recognition with Children's Medical Center of Dallas. The clients no longer want to manage donor recognition "the old-fashioned way" -- slow-to-install engraved stone and glass for the big donors -- vinyl for everyone else. Instead, they challenged us to... Continue Reading →

Wayfinding Website and Touchscreen 2010 (in progress)

The University of California San Francisco Medical Center commissioned fd2s to design and implement one of the largest integrated wayfinding solutions to date. The new wayfinding system consists of interior and exterior signs, printed maps, and staff training materials, maintenance processes -- and the cornerstone of the project is a wayfinding website and a network... Continue Reading →

Wayfinding Website 2009

As part of an integrated wayfinding solution for Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, we designed and developed a wayfinding website. Visitors can search for any department in the facilities and get driving directions (thanks to the Google Maps API), best parking options, and walking directions to their destination. An administrative tool allows... Continue Reading →

Wayfinding Website 2007

We're all familiar with Google Maps and its competitors from Yahoo, Microsoft and Mapquest, but for complex environments these tools are not enough to help visitors find their way. Visitors to medical complexes need more information: where to park, how to walk to their appointment, and what other amenities are nearby. In 2003, fd2s created... Continue Reading →

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