Wayfinding Website and Touchscreen 2010 (in progress)

The University of California San Francisco Medical Center commissioned fd2s to design and implement one of the largest integrated wayfinding solutions to date. The new wayfinding system consists of interior and exterior signs, printed maps, and staff training materials, maintenance processes — and the cornerstone of the project is a wayfinding website and a network of on-campus touchscreens to provide directions (driving, parking and walking) to all destinations on two campuses.

As partner at fd2s and now as an independent contractor, I play the roles of product design, project management, and user interface lead for the interactive wayfinding tools. This project is benefiting from a unique partnership: UCSF’s own internal software development team is developing the software, a collaboration that will ensure longevity and enhancements for the tools long after we’ve launched the systems.

All wayfinding content is centralized in a web-based administrative tool that also manages the physical sign system.


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