Wayfinding Website 2007

We’re all familiar with Google Maps and its competitors from Yahoo, Microsoft and Mapquest, but for complex environments these tools are not enough to help visitors find their way. Visitors to medical complexes need more information: where to park, how to walk to their appointment, and what other amenities are nearby.

In 2003, fd2s created a first-generation wayfinding website for one of the largest medical centers in the world. With the speed of web tools and heightened expectations of web users, we revised the site in 2007. We built the new site using Google’s developers tools — combining our wayfinding logic with Google’s driving directions. To keep the website up to date, we created a web-based administrative tool for a staff member to use, wrote documentation and trained them. Years later, the site still provides accurate information for more than sixty campus destinations.

My roles were product design, project management, and user interface lead (as well as lots of data gathering and testing!) Iain Gray was the developer.

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