13 Best Quotes from the 5 Best Talks at SXSW 2015

IMG_7847before the chaos began…

From Curious Bridges: How Designers Grow the Future
Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, The Museum of Modern Art

“I love the contamination of disciplines, like performance architecture or bio-art”

“The QR tag is so obsolete it’s not funny”

From Mark Duplass Keynote
Mark Duplass, Producer, Duplass Brothers Productions (watch keynote video)

“Minor in film and major in Mandarin so you get rake in the money freelance-translating while you write your first screenplay”

“Reverse engineer your movie so you can make it”

From Is Good Business the Best Art?
Tom Sachs, Creative Director, A Space Program

“The one thing I have as an artist is my fingerprints”

“More people will see my art on a 2-inch screen than in person”

“Human beings are the best and the worst. And computers are smack in the middle.”

From RZA Keynote
RZA, Musician, Actor, Director

“Light is a wave. Sound is a wave. And art is a wave.”

“You can get there by yourself but it’s easier to use a map. Books are your map.”

From Bruce Sterling’s Annual Closing Talk for Interactive Conference
Bruce Sterling, Author

“What’s different about south by this year? Really nice clothes”

“Austin has a weird gentry now”

“A maker makes talk about making”

“What would the maker scene be if it was refined and civilized?”

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