Top 10 Quotes from SXSW Interactive 2012

Declarations made at SXSWi, to be recited with aplomb in relevant conversations…

1. “Oil paints were the retinal displays of the Renaissance.” Jeff Wilson, artist and frog.

2. “The internet has propagated an endless array of obligations and cellphones are the new cigarettes, addictive and often antisocial.” Amber Case, cyborg anthropologist.

3. “You’ve got to have a respect for the intangible” when assessing design. One of the Googlers, who spoke about the 2011 redesign of all Google properties.

4. You should be able to use your smartphone to interrogate any public object, like a bus stop sign.” John Tolva, CTO, The City of Chicago.

5. “We won’t know the value of the iPad until the street uses it.” author William Gibson.

6. “It’s a Freemium business model.” every participant in the SXSW Interactive Accelerator.

7. “The web keeps getting bigger, but our interests don’t, so the signal to noise ratio is constantly degrading.” Gary Griffiths, CEO and Co-founder of

8. “Serendipity has always had a lot under-girding it.” Bill Wasik, editor at WIRED and inventor of the flashmob.

9. “I’m surprised that you people [SXSW Interactive attendees] are better dressed than the musicians this year. But not quite as well-dressed as the Film People. You haven’t completely eaten their industry yet, like you devoured the music industry some time ago.” visionary Bruce Sterling.

10. “FondleSlab” Bruce Sterling’s neologism for iPad.

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