Feliz Aniversario Diseño Shakespear

“The incidence of the design is, as Max Bruinsma says, to act as a catalyst. As in chemistry, design acts like an agent, vertiginously producing deep changes in the state of things.” — Ronald Shakespear

Over the last fifty years, Diseño Shakespear has galvanized innovation in the design world, and most evidently in their home country of Argentina. With his sons Lorenzo and Juan, Ronald has nurtured the family-owned design consultancy into a laboratory of problem-solving, where issues of form, scale, and brand are driven by an elemental understanding of People: how we interact with and in our world. It is this unrelenting dedication to Us — how we see, what we sense and who we are — that elevates the work of Diseño Shakespear to such artistry, all the while appearing effortless and apropos.

As catalysts of high caliber, Ronald, Lorenzo and Juan continue to forge deep changes in society by designing the brands and environmental graphics that we rely on to make our way in the world. We celebrate 50 years of Diseño Shakespear and thank the members of the studio for understanding us so well.

Ronald, Juan and Lorenzo Shakespear
Ronald, Juan and Lorenzo Shakespear

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