Feliz Aniversario Diseño Shakespear

“The incidence of the design is, as Max Bruinsma says, to act as a catalyst. As in chemistry, design acts like an agent, vertiginously producing deep changes in the state of things.” — Ronald Shakespear Over the last fifty years, Diseño Shakespear has galvanized innovation in the design world, and most evidently in their home... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Where 2.0 Conference 2009

Day 2: Where 2.0 Conference 2009 The frenetic pace of the conference continued on Thursday with nearly 20 presentations, demos and panels. A couple highlights: Steve Coast, founder of OpenStreetMap spun a yarn about “ubiquitous geocontext.” He took us through an imaginary day in the not so distant future when our everyday interactions are encoded with... Continue Reading →

Report from Where 2.0

This week I am participating in “Where 2.0,” a conference that focuses on innovations in “the geospatial web” — an ever-broadening category of technologies that utilize location information in some way. By grounding data (often literally) to its physical location on the planet, software can monitor, visualize, analyze, and even predict a mind-boggling variety of... Continue Reading →

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